Join this exclusive inclusive group of people who want to promote positivity in the world through love. POP Network means Positive & on Point Network!


With so much negativity all around us, this group of extraordinary people are those who make a difference. Those who are not a part of the problem but who are a part of the solution. People who use their life, influence and power to promote postivity through love.


Our goal will be to effect change in our home life, work life, communities and in everything that we do by promoting a positive solution even when it is a negative experience. Join me if you have the same desire and invite others.



By joining you will be able to post your own positive experiences, stories and solutions with a group of women who are on the same path! We will hold webinars, visual calls, etc. to plan, promote and share who we are and what we are all about.


We will eventually build local chapters, plan conferences to get together, parties to celebrate our accomplishments and awards for special ladies of distinction who are prolific in touching their families, workplaces and communities. My desire is that eventually we will be a powerful, positive force to be reckoned with!

Want to become a member because you like what we're about? Do you share the same interests and want to be a part.


Don't miss this opportunity to join an amazing, new, great team of women! The membership is $9.99 annually.


Please contact us. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our organization as soon as possible!


Why the $9.99 annual investment? For years I have given away excellent information for free because of my desire to spread that information to help others. But the appreciation for that is not the same as when some type of investment in made. Also, I only want those who are serious and are willing to make a small investment to be a part of an exclusive group. After the first hundred ladies join the investment amount will change, but it will always be the same for the founders of the group who will be the first 100 ladies! This will be the reward for seeing this opportunity and saying I want to be a founding member of an exclusive group of women who promote positivity in the world!



Please send me a private message if you  desire to be a part of the leadership

team of this group. I welcome your ideas and questions.


Let’s begin today! Click Become a Member below.


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