Most everyone has been touched by some kind of loss. This happened to me in an unparalleled way when I lost my husband on February 27, 2013. He was the victim of a violent crime and my life changed forever. 


I felt hopeless and alone. I felt as if I was sinking into some kind of deep dark hole. Depression was trying to overtake me and I was only partially winning.

I would talk to myself every day to get out of bed, to do something constructive, or to simply focus. As I entered the grocery store, I would cry. When I went to the gas station, I cried. Or, just walked out of the front door, I cried. I realized that I needed help and that I needed it fast. I did not know how far I would sink or when I would be able to get out. It was overwhelming. So, I sought out and went to a grief counselor. She just happened to be my saving grace.


I decided about midway through my own healing process that I had to create an avenue for people who suffer loss to have someone to help walk them through that process. The Ragland GAP Foundation is this vision coming true.

Our program seeks to bridge that gap from the loss to the present. We provide support groups based on the area of loss and a GAP (Grief Assistance Partners) to help others heal.

GAP (Grief Assistance Partners) are those who have successfully crossed over to the other side of their grief. They have overcome and moved forward in a healthy way and want to assist others in their journey. They are there to call, cry, pray, laugh, listen, vent and simply to be a shoulder to lean on as they assist their partner in their journey of overcoming their loss.

The support groups are peer based weekly meetings to offer a listening ear, comfort, and a safe place to help participants heal, express their loss, and move forward.

I am a success story. I truly desire for others to have that same type of success and to heal in a healthy way. We are here to help. By phone we can be reached at (310) 601-7925. By email


Much love,


Ragland GAP Foundation


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