The Gap Foundation Friday Fundraiser

Friday, July 3rd from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Gallery Lofts - Marina Del Rey

RSVP 310.770.0715310.770.0715


Most everyone has been touched by some kind of loss. The GAP Foundation seeks to assist those who have suffered loss or grief. We will provide support groups or more importantly a GAP, Grief Assistance Partner to walk someone though their loss experience to heal and to recover.


Through the success of this event and others on August 24, 2015 we will begin to publicly function and offer assistance by providing these services. 


There will be plenty of food, drinks, music, games and great raffles as well! There is a $10 minimum donation to attend. All gifts are tax deductible. Bring a friend or friends!!


I am overjoyed about the number of people The GAP Foundation can reach and release from their past losses and bring them into today’s promises and bright futures!


Please join us!

Much love...

Deidra Stephens, Women of Excellence

Make a donation to Ragland GAP Foundation...

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