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Judge Margaret Jones-Johnson

Judge Margaret Jones-Johnson is the presiding judge of Dallas County Probate Court No. 3 & the Mental Illness Court.  The Probate Court handles the administration of decedent's estates, guardianship estates, and trust-related matters. The Mental Illness Court oversees all of the civil commitments for all of Dallas County, including competency restoration from the criminal courts.  

She is a former member of the Dallas Bar Association - Sport and Entertainment section, National Association of Black Female Executives in Music and Entertainment(NABFEME), Texas Accountant and Lawyers for the Arts(TALA), and a nominating member of the Grammys. 

She has hosted community-based Mental Health Forums for over 15 years in the southern sector of Dallas County.  She also served as an advocate in Dallas County Juvenile Courts for abused and neglected children and worked with SMU's Child Advocacy Clinic as a Mentor. 

For the past 20+ years, Judge Jones-Johnson represented Christian Sports & Entertainment clients in visual and performing arts, copyrights, trademarks, immigration, mental illness, criminal, probate, and guardianship cases. 

Notably, she also served as legal advisor to:


  • The NFL experience during Super Bowl 2011

  • Dallas High School students

  • BET personalities

  • Track and Field endorsements to Mark Toliver

  • High School Students Scholarship with Emmitt Smith

  • Video license for a documentary of Tupac Shakur

  • Charitable performance of jazz saxophone artist Alphonzo Blackwell and line credit on his album

  • Advised minor artist of rap group Stanky Leg and recording artist Deshay and Curley formally with artist Vanilla Ice

  • Employment Discrimination with BMG group

In her spare time, she loves to swim, play piano, garden, and sing.

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