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Jessie Amado

Yesenia (Jessie) Amado is one of the organization's newest members. She has rich experience in marketing, administration, and accounting. She has also served the homeless community in Utah, working at the Rode Home Shelter for four years. 

Her heart is kind and compassionate, and she loves giving her best in everything. During her leisure time, she enjoys learning, such as philosophy from Sun Tzu to unknown history like Wojtek. When not learning, she nonsensically watches scary ghost videos to pass the time and loves various types of music.

Family values are essential to Jessie and maintaining her culture through cooking and baking her mother's and grandparents' traditional dishes. Moreover, she has a strong family background and enjoys connecting with extended family members. Using what she has learned through her strong family support, she aims to be the support other women have lacked.

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