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Cecily Stephens

Cecily was raised in Los Angeles, CA although born in Little Rock, AR. She graduated from the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Atlanta, in Atlanta, GA, in 2008. She received a BA in Restaurant Management thus pursuing her passion for cooking, the arts, and the restaurant industry. She is currently a General Manager for Panera Bread in San Diego. She has been in the hospitality industry for 15 years.  Her claim to fame is to help her employees grow to the point of promotion. She takes pleasure in this. Her culinary pursuits allowed her to spend  4 months in Europe: including Engleberg, Switzerland; Munich, Germany; Venice, Italy; Paris, France;  and Austria.

She also has a passion for youth and helping them mature and grow. She loves doing spoken word and writing from her heart. Because of her creative side, she loves curling up with a good book and enjoys painting as well. 

Cecily watched as her mother helped others through her life and ministry. She decided that she would follow in those footsteps. As the Executive Assistant for Women of Excellence, she strives to facilitate change in as many lives as possible and exercise her passion for cooking and helping others.

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